Future-ready learning solutions

Who is your learner and how do they prefer to learn? This is just one of the critical questions we ask all our clients. With that part of the brief understood, we can get on with designing solutions with you that meet your exact objectives and suit your cohort's learning style.

Face to Face Delivery

Classroom or conference, our Asia-specialist facilitation and training team can deliver content at scale and with both global consistency and regional sensitivity.

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Blended or Virtual

We make it our business to master the latest learning tech and our content is specifically designed to work across all types of media and platforms.

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We have a strong pedigree in producing engaging podcasts, webinars and short films which we weave into compelling learning journeys.

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With a Coach or Mentor

We have a fairly unique take on what coaching needs to provide for the future of work. We'd love to discuss it with you and hear your views too.

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Camera Settings

Learn all about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Flash Photography

Learn how to use flash to get trendy high-contrast photos.

35mm Film

Learn how to get crisp images using cameras from the 60s.

Face to Face Delivery

Whether your classrooms are more traditional training rooms, or immersive off-sites around a campfire, Black Dog Consultants is known for providing best-in-class learning experiences.

Trusted by some of the biggest names in the Fortune 500 list, we can partner with you to resource and deliver your content, with our faculty. Our facilitators and trainers are based in over a dozen countries across Asia Pacific, enabling you to deliver large scale programme roll-outs with delivery quality and local language assured.

In addition, we work with clients to design and deliver bespoke content, often for specific intact teams or groups of leaders. Here, you can pull on the experience of our learning design team to co-create solutions that fit your exact brief and requirements.

Our solutions are both challenging and a ton of fun, so where possible, we ramp up the experimental factor using disruptive business games and real, live simulations. In our well-constructed safe environments, we then enjoy taking people out of their comfort zones and into the learning zone, to provide those precious 'aha' moments.

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Blended or Virtual

We hate to admit it, but we are quite enjoying our virtual work. For one, there's a rich appeal to having a more diverse audience - those in smaller countries all of a sudden have the same access to learning that their 'larger' counterparts have - and what stories they have to share!

Then, there's the opportunity for a learning journey. With shorter modules, our savvy clients are choosing to get people together more frequently on the same topic, but over a period of a few weeks or months. This allows for reflective space in between the learning and an opportunity for the learner to practice skills learned in sessions - bringing back real challenges and tough questions for us to work on together. Just the way we like it.

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E-learning has a bad rep. And with good reason. Dreary powerpoints with dull voice-overs, providing mainly mandatory learning, that is there to tick boxes.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way. We partner with one of Asia's premium media production companies to create self-paced learning journeys that inspire and motivate delegates to dig deep into the content at a pace that suits them and their lifestyle. With insightful videos featuring expert contributors, interesting assignments and quizzes along the way, we can provide a rich experience complementing your face to face offerings.

So now there is no excuse for 'dreary and dull' - rather, make 'creative and thought-provoking' (with industry-leading design values) your minimum standard for this important method of learning.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Whatever level you operate at, from time to time, you will benefit from working with a coach and/or mentor. Sometimes these relationships develop naturally internally - and sometimes having a perspective outside your organisation may be helpful.

To ensure the best chance of assignment success, we can offer the critical service of coach relationship management - going beyond simply pairing two people together. We work hard not only with the coach and coachee themselves, but with the stakeholders crucial to the overall success of the engagement. We do this through a fairly unique process of consultancy and governance to ensure this valuable investment is maximised for everyone concerned. 

With access to over 100 qualified coaches, we offer organisations panels of coaches, individual subject matter experts, C-Suite executive coaching, group coaching and a specialist virtual service. Our coaches are mainly former senior leaders, they reside all across Asia Pacific, speak multiple languages and are expert in their chosen specialist areas.

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A handful of our favourite projects

One of the things we love the most at Black Dog Consultants, is no two days are ever the same. Sometimes you'll find us out as a team delivering a client's large conference - and sometimes we'll be leading a group of grads through the Malaysian jungles to help them understand themselves better and build resilience. But whatever we choose to work on, we deliver it with passion and commitment and with the eyes of a learner ourselves. 

Here is just a small selection of some projects we've delivered recently which we enjoyed immensely.

6 Month Management Associate Programme

A bespoke learning journey for a diverse group of this organisation's top future talent, focusing on collaboration, coach-approach leadership and creativity.

Design Thinking Projects

Using face-to-face or virtual labs, we work with organisations to design solutions for the toughest real business and societal challenges, usually resulting in significant change and investment.

Regional 'Promotes' Virtual Conference (350px)

Originally delivered live in person in 5 geographies, this conference was flipped successfully to a highly engaging virtual programme of events, for a large scale, senior audience.

D&I High Potential Female Leader Programme

We've proudly worked with this telecoms company for 5 years now on this brilliant initiative. We focus on comms, influence, personal brand and executive presence.

Mass-scale culture-change programme rollout

600 x 2-day, 2-facilitator workshops. 17 countries, 9 local languages, 28 dedicated facilitators. 1,000s of brilliant learners. One of our most fulfilling, impactful projects ever.

Want to see us in action?

This trailer gives you a sneak peak of the Resilient Asia Challenge.

This was a series of free-to-attend, interactive webinars with guest contributors from all over the world, recorded during the COVID period to support our community.


SPECIAL OFFER valid throughout 2021 

We have special rates for any organisation wanting to co-create a Resilience Series for their people. This offer is available for all new and existing clients for both our 'ready-to-go' and bespoke versions of this popular workshop series.






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