We exist to push the boundaries of corporate learning, so that the organisations that partner with us, dare to achieve more.

We are passionate about delivering innovative learning solutions that inspire people to be life-long learners

In this dynamic, fast-paced world we live in, we help businesses large and small, support their people to be motivated change agents, who seek out opportunities for feedback, growth and personal development. We believe to be all those things, people need to feel happy at work, be committed to building strong, trust-based relationships and be confident to communicate confidently and freely. Our own culture at Black Dog Consultants is based on this simple philosophy and is at the heart of everything we do.

Our learning solutions are all carefully designed to support the future of work.



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"Our Head of talent worked closely with Black Dog Consultants in 2018 on the creation of an innovative development programme. As a business, we wanted to create our own talent programme from scratch. Given the importance of this initiative, I was personally involved with the design stage of the process which needed expert, external facilitation. Sally’s approach to the project was a study in flexibility as she worked to pivot around the emerging opportunities, multiple stakeholders, our own idea of ‘content’ and the constraints of our business model. Her facilitation, working with senior and experienced leaders in our business, was engaging and led to a highly collaborative design.  The outcome of Sally’s work has been to create something that we consider to be part of our ‘secret sauce’ and has resulted in us now describing ‘development’ as one of the key areas of differentiation over our competitors."

Michael Burne
CEO & Founder, Carbon Law

"The team delighted me yet again with their passion for innovative learning. The virtual learning session I attended on Design Thinking was engaging and informative. Not only did I learn from the material presented but also from the opportunity to connect with others and practice the skills - all virtually."

Tracey Bond Corbett
Director, Springleaf HR Consulting

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