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We are passionate about inspiring people to be life-long learners

In this dynamic, fast-paced world we live in, we strive to help businesses large and small, support their people to be motivated change agents, who are open to feedback and personal development. We believe to be all those things, people need to feel happy at work, be committed to building strong, trust-based relationships and be confident to communicate confidently and freely.

Our own culture at Black Dog Consultants is based on this simple philosophy and is at the heart of everything we do. We always start with ‘why’ people do what they do, rather than ‘what’ they are doing – only then can we help them consider ‘how’ they want to do it in the future.

We train your people

Whatever the brief, Black Dog Consultants is ideally placed to deliver on your exact organisational training needs. We passionately believe in getting the right expert for the right workshop so with our wide and diverse network of training specialists, we ensure that if you need a leadership programme – you will get an expert leadership trainer with relevant experience and who can connect to the delegates in their world – not someone we’re shoe-horning into the role just for the day.

Need diversity, culture change, presentation skills, sales or innovation workshops? We have experts for that.

Want to negotiate like Kissinger, have the personal presence of Branson or sharpen up your EQ? No problem!

In fact, between us as an organisation, we can deliver just about any soft skills development brief that you care to throw at us – be it us tweaking your company’s own material or writing something bespoke just for you.

We can help you raise the training bar within your organisation. And if you like the sound of that, then get in touch by emailing

We facilitate your sessions

Facilitation? That’s just a posh way of saying training right? Well no, not quite.

It is our belief that in a facilitated session, the participants are led through a process which might include generating and analysing ideas, solving a problem together through consensus or sharing thoughts or experiences in a safe environment.

Often these sessions are with more senior leadership groups or intact team offsite, CSR or teambuilding days – more often than not, the ‘answers’ lie within the room and the facilitator alternates between the role of coach, question-master, diplomat and thought provocateur. These skills must be mastered to the point where the facilitator is confident but not cocky and authoritative without taking over the process – it is usually a tricky balance of creating disruption whilst being engaging.

At Black Dog Consultants, we firmly differentiate between these skill-sets which we maintain set apart fabulous trainers versus a true, highly skilled facilitator.

So the next time the brief calls for these precious facilitation skills, then it’s time to put our beliefs to the test – get in touch by emailing

We coach your executives

Put ‘coaching’ into Google and you hit around 252 million pages. Narrow that to ‘Executive Coaching’ and it drops to a much more acceptable 12 million possible choices.

12 million? Really? Is everyone working as a coach these days? How on earth do you find the right match for you?

Here at Black Dog Consultants, we take pride in providing a selection of ideal coaches for you, depending on what you want to work on. Just as trainers and facilitators have certain areas of expertise – so do coaches. Add in peoples' natural biases (conscious or unconscious) for working with a male or female coach, coupled with the language you’d prefer to be coached in and it’s easy to see why you shouldn’t just pick the first one you find off Google, or indeed the one your colleague may have been raving about.

When you engage us to find you your perfect match, you can rest assured that whatever your goals are, we’ll help you find someone exactly right for you. Because the one thing we’ve learned in our years of offering this complex service, is just like all the best relationships, coaching is all about chemistry – so you’ll need to meet with a few to make sure the ‘fit’ feels 100% right.

We can help source coaches both for individual executives or we can provide panels of coaches in several different countries for more complex coaching programmes. Whatever it is you need for your organisation, if you’re ready to find out more, please reach out to us on

Our Unique Selling Points

Unique selling points

Established Asia Pacific Wide Team

Most of our clients these days have their training and development need spread across the region – so helpfully, we have grown Black Dog specifically so we have trusted, expert associates already available to work with you in most Asia Pacific locations.

This allows us to deliver content for you either in English or in the country’s local language, with workshops always being conducted with cultural sensitivity through our team of native dwellers or long-time, resident expats.

If you’d like to see where our consultants are currently based – please take a tour of the region with us, by clicking here.

The Region's Finest Experts

At Black Dog Consultants, we are extremely proud, that the majority of our business comes through existing clients using us more and more or by their referrals. So it goes without saying, that we are extremely careful with who represents our brand to maintain this reputation for excellence.

As such, we only ever collaborate with expert trainers, facilitators or coaches who have a strong, proven track record in their chosen specialist area. Simply put – savvy experts who are at the top of their game.

In fact, we are so committed to our brand promise of ‘simply superb business training’ (something a client kindly said about us one day), that once we take your brief, if we don’t believe we can deliver on that promise, then we’d rather turn you down, than let you down. And you can’t say fairer that that.


Magic, Fairy Dust and Fun!

No, we’ve not gone mad. This really is what you can expect from Black Dog Consultants. Let us explain.

‘Magic and Fairy Dust’ is standard in all the ways we will work with you – be it going the extra mile to find a creative way of solving a design problem, sourcing an expert for something you didn’t think existed or delighting and surprising your people when they attend one of our workshops. We regularly receive feedback that, ‘this was the best training I have ever attended!’ – we’re not bragging by telling you this – this is the tough standard we always set for ourselves and we will challenge each other hard if we feel we aren’t delivering this.

And so what of fun? Well this is actually quite simple to explain. When things are fun, we open ourselves gladly to exploring new ways of doing things and step out of our comfort zones more easily. Fun is not just for children – fun is for every life long learner. So on a Black Dog workshop, you’ll notice they are packed with interactive sessions, experiential activities and opportunities to laugh together and broaden our minds. And at the end of all the fun, critically there will be ‘keeping it real’ moments, when we connect the learning back to the workplace and real life, so that everyone can see how they make the changes real for them, with their own teams and business.

Oh and finally, one thing we promise you will never find with us is death by powerpoint... because where’s the magic and fun in that?

Where We Are Across Asia Pacific

Where we are

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