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The team behind our new website (And reasons to adore working with Gen Y)

Published on: 20 Jun 2016

So as someone who is happiest thinking, playing and creating ‘out of the box’, I must confess I simply love working with Gen Y staff and suppliers. In the main, the world is still their oyster and they don’t seem to have been reeled in by the corporate ‘cannot’ culture that we seem to have imprisoned ourselves in. As such, their energy and enthusiasm to bring new ways of tackling briefs and challenges constantly surprises and delights me.

Therefore, it was with absolute pleasure that here at Black Dog, we managed to bring together a super talented team of bright young things to build our new website. They are based quite literally, all over the world and I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge their wonderful, innovative contributions and introduce you to them all.

Meggy Kawsek

Overall Creative Director for the website has been Meggy Kawsek. Meggy has done most of her work with us whilst studying at university in the States and she is a storyboarder and visual arts expert. Her interests include design, art and animation, as well as music and theatre. She enjoys writing and illustration and often comes up with ideas for comics, which she never really finds the time to produce. She reads webcomics, plays video games and jams with her band in her spare time. More examples of her work can be found here:

Bernie Quah

Bernie Quah and her team from Sketchpost worked on visuals for the Woof! video and took charge of its production, working collaboratively with Animation and Video Production Studio based in KL. She also drew the cool map and city icons for us.


Bernie founded Sketch Post, a graphic recording company based in Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong. The team listens to your ideas and transforms your words into hand-drawn visuals that brighten up presentations, brainstorms and events. Essentially, Bernie is a thinker and dreamer at heart. She believes that if she can visualise it, she can make it happen. Have a look at how SketchPost works with organisations visualising their ideas here:


And last but by no means least, meet Jane Heather Dee our website build specialist extraordinaire!

Jane is passionate about continuously learning new technologies on web design and web development. Currently she works freelance with ‘Ruby on Rails’ together with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ruby, Rails, Git, TDD, Agile methodologies. She loves bending her considerable brain around new projects and we’ve really enjoyed building this new site with her. Other examples of her work can be found at - she’s based in Manila and accepts projects from all over the world.

We hope you love our new website as much as we do – we’ll be adding to the ‘news’ and ‘learning zone’ sections from time to time so check back for our latest updates. And don’t forget to look at our ‘WOOF’ video (you can find that in the navigation bar).

Warm wishes,


Written by Sally Leonard: Group Managing Director of Black Dog Consultants</small>