Whether you lead others or manage yourself and whether you work from home or work in an office - it has never been more critical to develop how you show up.

Learn how to develop and apply emotional intelligence solutions in organisations and make a real change in how people work together.

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A. Self-Paced Virtual Certification

Become Genos-certified 'at your own pace and in your own space'.

Access 8 x1-hour pre-recorded modules on-demand as your schedule* permits.

*To be completed within 3 months

B. Live Virtual Certification

6 x 2-hour sessions delivered live on Zoom in different time zones to suit all of Asia Pacific.

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C. In-Person
Classroom Certification (currently suspended)

Become Genos-certified through our 2-day face-to-face course facilitated in various languages and locations across Asia Pacific.

Dates for F2F sessions will be released as soon as it is safe to do so.

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Why Emotional Intelligence?

And why choose Genos?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) or emotional quotient (EQ) is a set of skills that help us better perceive, understand and manage emotions in ourselves and in others. Collectively they help us make intelligent responses to, and use of, emotions. These skills are as important as your intellect (IQ) in determining success in work and in life. Everyone, no matter what job function, has interactions with other people. Your capacity to understand your emotions, to be aware of them and how they impact the way you behave and relate to others, will improve your ‘people‘ skills and help you ultimately be more satisfied and successful.

The Genos brand of products helps professionals apply core emotional intelligence skills that enhance their self-awareness, empathy, leadership and resilience. In our world of ‘do more with less’, applying emotional intelligence at work is fundamental to success.

At the end of your successful certification, here are just some of the things you will be able to do

  • Explain the Genos models of emotional intelligence and link it to an organisation's values, purpose and behavioural competencies
  • Discuss the Genos emotional intelligence assessments and their unique features
  • Discuss the business case for emotional intelligence
  • Facilitate a Genos 360º or 180º assessment report debrief
  • Design effective emotional intelligence development solutions
  • Assist an HR team or hiring manager to use the Selection Report to make more effective hiring decisions
  • Work with the candidate to put together a robust development plan
  • Execute an emotional intelligence assessment project at an organisation, department, team or individual level
  • Facilitate an introduction to emotional intelligence session
  • Use one of many ready-designed workshops around topics such as 'the Mindful Leader, the Emotionally Intelligent Leader, the Emotionally Intelligent Salesperson, etc.

Who is this certification for?

If you’re an executive coach, training consultant, learning or OD professional, HR business partner, talent consultant or an organisational psychologist, the Genos Emotional Intelligence Certificated Practitioner Programme is for you.

Regardless whether you work in learning on the client side, or as an external professional, this certification will dramatically enhance your credentials and credibility by making you an expert in applying Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the workplace.

Watch our short video to get a taster of what being certified means.


Genos's unique, equitable pricing structure ensures inclusivity for all - contact us to find out more

Wherever you are based in Asia, you can access Genos as a practitioner or client at a price point that is sensitive to your local market. Simply click on the icon associated with your country of residence to be connected to your local facilitation team.

REGION A: HK, SG, Korea, China, Japan, Macau, Taiwan

Live online certification starting on August 30th 2021.

To talk directly to the facilitation team for this region, click on the icon above.

REGION B: Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar

Live online certification starting on 6th September 2021.

To be put in direct contact with the facilitation team for this region, click on the icon above.

REGION C: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Mauritius

Live online certification certification starting on 10th September 2021.

To be put in direct contact with the facilitation team for this region, click on the icon above.

Want to be sure this is right for you?

We know you will have questions - and we hope we've got most of the answers. So book here for a no-obligation, free of charge consultation call with our friendly Genos experts.

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Our Genos Practitioners loved our Certifications.

But don't just take our word for it.

Simon Childs 

Managing Director, ENRG Hong Kong Limited (Hong Kong)

"First class online facilitation with a very engaging cohort. Never a dull moment with lots of breakouts, sharings, practices and QA. The tempo was high throughout and the learnings immense."

David Thomas

Managing Partner, Profound Knowledge Partners Asia Limited

"This has benefit for all leaders and organisations. The ability to better manage ourselves and our work relationships is fundamental to an effective workplace, and even more so in the current pandemic time when F2F work is less of an option. I personally will do my best to proselytise this opportunity to both clients and other potential practitioners.  It will bring exceptional value to my business."

Merianna Lok

Seasoned Human Resources Professional, Independent Non-Executive Board of Director at H&H International Holdings Limited
(Hong Kong)

"A certification programme well deserving my investment of time and effort. Great for my own development."

Some of the questions we've been asked recently

2020 Top Assessment and Evaluation Company

This annual list has identified Genos International as a top assessment and evaluation partner in evaluating an individual’s or organisation’s emotional intelligence before, during or after a training engagement.

ICF Business Partner

International Coach Federation certified coaches can earn 10 Core Competency hours and 4 Resource Development hours by completing the Genos EI Certification Programme.

Special rates for IECL coaches

We know how much executive coaches rely on our tools for providing best in class experiences for their coachees, so we're pleased to provide IECL coaches in Asia Pacific a discount on Genos certification. Make sure you ask us for a discount code!